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Defending Christianity Blog is the official blog for Defending Christianity Podcast, where we discuss past episodes in more depth or reiterate the content of the episode, give specific key quotes from the guest, or just give content related to Apologetics that has not yet been covered on the show! You’ll also be able to see more info on future content, guests, and other details here on the blog sooner!

Latest From the Blog

Loving God with the Mind (Part 1)

Recently, I spent an afternoon with my youth group distributing food to people in our community. Somehow, the topic of apologetics came up in a conversation between me and one of the adults. After they told me they have no…

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Twisted Scripture: Luke 4:8

A verbal claim by itself cannot be seen, but an action tied to a claim as a means to offer support can be seen. If that’s the case, then the supporting action must be proof that the claim is something that must be considered and taken seriously.

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The Lord is Constant

Everything is constantly changing. You can simply look at the seasons: winter, fall, spring, and summer. Even in countries where seasons are not experienced as distinctly, there is change. You might wake up to sunshine, but minutes later it begins…

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Responding to an Argument Against Scripture

We don’t have to answer everything and it’s not about that. It’s about interacting with the person we are talking to and letting them know that we have thought about why we believe the Bible is true.

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A Biblical Worldview: What It Is and Why It Matters

Imagine living color blind.  Your friend asks you what color the hibiscus flower in your backyard is, to which you confidently reply “Purple!”  They chuckle. “No, it’s like a reddish pink. Can’t you see it?”  You shrug your shoulders, slightly…

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Five Questions Often Asked About Christianity

It should give Christians peace and joy to know that this faith is a faith proven through historical inquiry, reasoning, and logic. Above all, it is proven by the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ, who gives us the Holy Spirit.

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