About the Team

Hey, my name is Katelyn Brown! I am a follower of Jesus, a college student, and a writer. Throughout high school, I observed two obstacles that often hindered Christian students, including myself: the first was fear, the second was a lack of clear thinking. Once I began my journey into apologetics in my junior year of high school, I discovered the missing piece to this puzzle. Through apologetics, I learned that I could rise above these obstacles and thrive in our increasingly post-modern culture. Today, I hope to help other Christian students do the same. The heart of my message to students is courage and clarity of thought. With this, I long to see us thinking clearly about our faith and living it out courageously as a result. Ultimately, my love for Christ and his church fuels my study of apologetics. However, I always share about it as a fellow learner. I’m so grateful to learn alongside you here. May we be equipped to courageously and humbly defend Christianity. If you‘d like to support my writing, you can sign up for my email list and connect with me on Instagram.

Hey! My name is Vanessa Vives and I am from Bogotá, Colombia. In the fall of 2019, I moved to the US to pursue my BA at Ouachita Baptist University. As I moved countries, my faith has been challenged and I have grown to know Christ in a deeper way. I have also been constantly reminded of God’s great power in working in beautiful ways across the globe. No matter what our background is, we all have a loving father who always takes care of us and gives us the ability to learn, serve, and grow. Although we are far from being perfect, I pray that what I write will encourage you to accept the grace of God in humility and start walking with boldness in what he has prepared for you to do. Christian living is not an absence of hardships, but the blessing of a God who is good and can truly satisfy our souls. Join me in the great adventure of pursuing Christ!

Michael Koen is a husband and US Navy, veteran. He loves reading about theology and riding motorcycles in his free time. He is currently pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree at Ouachita Baptist University. Michael has a passion for the role of sound theology and doctrine in the life of believers and loves to contribute to helping Christians have just that. He also is involved with apologetics and learning about the history and trustworthiness of the Christian faith. 

Noah Sanders is a Sophomore Christian Studies and Political Science Major at Ouachita Baptist University. He enjoys reading, writing, and listening to podcasts over a broad range of topics. He has a passion for Biblical literacy, discipleship, pop culture, and sports. You can find him Instagram at @noahsanders_ !

Hey! I’m Levi Dade, host of Defending Christianity Podcast. I’m a Mississippi native currently attending Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas. I love to learn about the reasons for the Christian faith and desire to share those reasons with other Christians as well. Learning reasons why Christianity is true helps ground the faith of each Christian. This gives Christians greater confidence to boldly proclaim who Christ is and to lovingly reject and correct the world’s misunderstanding of who he is and what Christianity is all about.